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Specializing in niche markets and small-scale shipments, we deliver premium seafood globally.

Anchored in Korean Sea

Our live and fresh seafood products are supplied in cooperation with Korean local aqua farms and the Korean Fisheries Cooperatives.

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🌊 Our selection includes Oysters, Turbot, Flounder, Abalone, Bluefin Tuna, Yellowtail, Kingfish/Amberjack, Silver Pomfret, Croaker, Sea Urchin Roe, Scallops, and more—all sourced from the sea waters of Korea.

🦀 Elevate your dining experience with live King Crab and Snow Crab, airfreighted directly to you.

Voyage by Air: ✈️ Our products take flight primarily from Incheon and Busan, South Korea, reaching destinations worldwide.

Certified ISO Packaging: 📦 Your order is carefully sealed in certified ISO airboxes, ensuring both the security and freshness of your seafood.

Minimum Order Quantity: ⚖️ Embark on your seafood journey with a minimum order quantity of 200kg (AKE-flight container).

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Step into a world of culinary excellence with Innova Seafood

Live Oysters

Savor the allure of Korea's undiscovered gem—live oysters, a delicacy yet to make waves worldwide.

Live Turbot & Flounder

Next, immerse yourself in Jeju turbot & flounder, proudly cultivated in the pristine waters of Jeju island.

Live King Crab

Cap off your culinary journey with the indulgence of live king crab, a majestic import that crowns our diverse offerings.

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Our Offerings

Oysters, Turbot, Flounder, Abalone and Scallops

Farmed Live Seafood

Blackthroat Seaperch, Silver Pomfret and Yellowtail

Wild Caught Fresh Seafood

Opilio Snow Crab

Wild Caught Live Seafood

Sea Urchin Roes and Sea Cucumber

Fresh/Dried Seafood

Farmed Live Oysters: Pacific Oysters

◇ Size: 250g + each (Jumbo size), or 80~100g each (Regular size)

◇ Packing – cartons of 10kgs(Net weight) + packing materials

◇ Production – Every week. Available from September to June

◇ Shipping by air from Incheon Airport, South Korea

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