Live Oysters

Jumbo-sized Live Oysters

Farmed in South Korea

Pacific Oysters (Magallana gigas)

Natural, succulent, and full of flavour!

Regular Size Live Oysters

Size: 80-100g each

Sample shipments/ small-scale shipments possible

Fresh, juicy, and healthful

Frozen IQF Oysters

Production - Available all year

MOQ: 1,000 cartons (10,000 kgs)

Delicious, special, and affordable
From Packing to Delivery

Ensuring a Seamless Process

Sizes are relatively consistent

The weight of these premium oysters is approximately 300g, and while sizes may vary slightly, the average is around 250g.

Total weight may vary

Packaging: 10kg per carton (Net weight) + packaging materials. Total weight may vary due to adjustments in packaging material based on external temperature and other factors.

These oysters are shipped live

Approximately 40 oysters fit inside this 10kg ice box.