About Us

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We have shifted our focus to live, fresh seafood

Innova Seafood, founded in 2007 as a family-run business in South Korea, originally offered a diverse range of seafood such as live king crab, fresh salmon, frozen Alaska pollock/ Pacific cod, and frozen pollock/cod milt. However, starting in 2019, we’ve redirected our attention towards more specialized markets, emphasizing the sale of live and fresh seafood.

Innova Seafood is actively expanding its footprint, with a particular emphasis on the dynamic Asian markets, aiming to enhance and diversify our customer base.

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Innova Seafood has showcased resilience and adaptability, maintaining unwavering dedication to high standards, even amid the challenges posed by the pandemic.

Our dedication to ongoing enhancement through innovative practices remains unwavering.

Happy Team, Happy Clients

Tailored Seafood Exports from South Korea with a Customer-Centric Approach

Straightforward: Quality seafood at fair prices

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Mutual Prosperity

Our success depends upon the success of our business partner. If we have a way to help, we will embrace the opportunity. We always try to build sometyhing and and hope that it attacts something positive wherever we can.

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Our Approach

Our approach/philosophy is simple: Provide high-quality seafood products at reasonable prices. Utilizing efficient supply chains, we aim to bring these products to market with minimal overhead costs. We’re committed to passing on these efficiencies to our customers. At Innova Seafood, customer satisfaction is our top priority, intricately tied to the success of our valued business partners.

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Strategic Growth

We aim to establish ourselves as an important exporter of live seafood, with a commitment to expanding our presence in targeted markets. This entails refining our product mix and optimizing supply chain efficiencies through benchmarking industry leaders.

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Niche Market Specialization

We offer a diverse selection of live and fresh seafood, ideal for small-scale shipments aimed at niche markets. We provide a variety of Korean seafood with flexible shipping options tailored to different markets.

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Time Zone Advantage, Efficient Logistics, Minimum Order Facilitation

Capitalizing on our strategic time zone advantage, ensure effective communication in handling live seafood. Our selection, including live oysters, is prepared for direct airfreight. Dispatched from major airports in Incheon or Busan, South Korea, our meticulously packed certified ISO airboxes guarantee the freshness of your order. We facilitate exports with a minimum order quantity of 200kg for most species.