Supply outlook for live king crab next week (Jan 29th-Feb 2nd)

Innova Seafood
2024-01-27 09:24

- The available quantity of king crab for next week will be very limited. Blue king crab is extremely scarce, and only a small amount of Russian Red king crab, without concerns about molting, can be supplied from us.

- Due to a shortage in supply, prices will increase compared to last week. Last week, the supply of king crab to Korea was only 0.5 tons, all of which was from Norway. The supply of Opilio snow crab is also not smooth, with only 126 tons imported from Russia last week.

- It appears that the number of Russian crab boats entering Korea in the coming days will be significantly lower than last year. Russian supply companies seem to be targeting higher prices and plan to send some crab boats to Korea just before the Lunar New Year holidays in Korea (Feb 9th-12th)."



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