About Korean live oysters

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2024-01-29 14:40
The below is quoted from a news article.

China ranks first and Korea ranks second in world oyster production, but consumers in Chinese speaking region should like large-sized Korean oysters. I found jumbo size oysters are called as triploid oysters (=Triploids) in S.Korea, too.

"A triploid oysters refers to a oyster with three sets of chromosomes. While typical organisms have two sets of chromosomes, triploid clams result from abnormal chromosome division, leading to the presence of three sets. In such cases, reproductive functions are lost, and developmental energy is directed towards growth and obesity. Seedless watermelons are a prominent example of triploid crops."

According to the above, it takes two to three years to harvest triploid oysters, while regular oysters take 1 year.

Triploid oysters are grown in a bag and so more consistent shapes and sizes are possible (250g~500g per oyster). Also, the oysters cab be consumed in the raw even during hot summer without worries, they said.

Because shell-on oysters are not so expensive in S.Korea, there are so many oyster restaurants similar to this.

Regular size oysters:
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