Live King/Snow Crab Updates as of March 19th

Innova Seafood
2024-03-19 21:52
- Due to seasonal factors, King crab shortages persist. Only 6 tons of blue/red king crab have been imported from March 1st to March 19th. Ongoing drifting ice issues in major Russian fishing grounds are reported. No significant incoming schedule for Russian king crab boats is confirmed.

- Consequently, a significant shortage in blue and red king crab supply is expected to persist for the time being.

- Therefore, it is unlikely that there will be substantial exports of red or blue king crab from Korea next week. We will provide further updates soon regarding pricing and supply forecasts.

- The supply of large-size live opilio snow crab and golden king crab is expected to remain unaffected, as usual for this time of year.
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